Cyber Defamation – Don’t Let It Hamper You Business

In today’s world, everything has its good and bad side. Let’s talk about technology here, something that rules our day-to-day life.  While we have achieved a lot using it, it also has a negative side. Be it an individual a company – everyone works hard to make a brand that stands out. Unfortunately, it takes just few minutes for someone to tarnish your brand using social media and technology. Yes, we are talking about cyber defamation.

While social media has given us a lot of ease in terms of being in touch with our friends, knowing what’s happening across the globe it has also becomes a medium for common man to vouch their opinion about anything. This has certainly encouraged cyber defamation cases. For those of you still unfamiliar with the term “cyber defamation”, it is a false published statement about any business.

Today, it just takes few seconds for someone to write negative or false statement about any brands on their Facebook wall. Negative information are liked and shared just like positive ones. People believe such negative statements even without doing a cross-check or without checking the legitimacy of the news. As a result, brand name gets affected and business goes through loss. This is the story behind the shutting down of many businesses today.

Let’s talk about what does defamation of character mean and what businesses can do to protect themselves from it.

What does cyber defamation consist of?

Virtual defamation is similar to any conventional defamation. It is typically consists of:

  • A fake and offensive statement about any brand or business
  • A poor publication to a 3rd party
  • Defect amounting at least to inattention on the side of the publisher
  • Existence of harm cause by the publisher

How a business should respond to such defamation?

There are a lot of responses that businesses can give to such defamation. Every response has its own positive and negative aspect. Here are few of the responses:

  1. Ignore such defamatory statements – This is an easy option. With increasing number of people joining and sharing their opinion on social media sites, the easiest option for any business to respond to such things is to ignore what is happening. Of course, it has risk. It can tarnish your brand but it can save a lot of money and effort of filing a lawsuit.
  2. Seeking removal of such statements – This is another easier option where business can request the publication to remove such negative statements. If your business is credible, chances are high that the publication will listen to you. Or else, you will have to seek help of experts who can help you reach out to the publication and get your defamation statement removed.
  3. Seek legal action – If the above two option doesn’t work, then you can choose to find a legal action. There are professionals out there who can help businesses fight against such cyber insult.

Cyber insult is a problem that will continue to exist, especially due to the rise in the number of blogs and social media users. As a business or brand, you should keep an eye on what’s being written about your brand in public. When you come across such cyber offence, it’s good to seek professional help. There are professional available out there who are specialized in the area of cyber insult or defamation. Reach out to them before it’s too late!