How To Right The Wrong Of Nursing Home Abuse

A nursing home should be a place of comfort and safety. For too many seniors they are places of terror and abuse.

If you suspect that your elderly loved one is being abused in a nursing home, then you should take legal action. To be sure, it is not always easy to know. Elderly abuse is one of the most underreported crimes in the nation. Although more than 5 million seniors are abused each year, not more than 1 in 14 of these assaults is reported.

That is why it is important to follow up your suspicions. Do not allow your parents, grandparents, or other elderly relatives to live under a regime of torment and violence.

Getting To The Truth

There are good reasons why your senior loved one may be unwilling to tell the truth about what is happening to them. After a lifetime of being able to stand up for themselves, and indeed of standing up for and raising you, they find themselves in a state of grave incapacity; they are not as strong as they once were, which makes them vulnerable to youthful predators. This is a source of shame and embarrassment for them, and they may prefer to pretend that there is no abuse rather than admit the particulars of it.

Hiring a lawyer such as the ones found at Cogburn Law Office can help you break through the impasse. Lawyers specializing in nursing home abuse will be able to ask questions in a way that will bring out the truth of what is happening to your loved one. You will then have grounds to file suit against the nursing home.

The Nursing Home Is Responsible

Nursing home owners and managers have a responsibility to establish the most rigorous standards for the screening and selection of employees. They must also conduct proper training and put in safeguards to protect patients against abuse. Nursing home caregiving staff should not be allowed carte blanche in their dealings with patients. A quality control system must be put in place to ensure they are doing the job adequately and according to established guidelines.

Types Of Abuse

Physical abuse is not the only kind suffered by elderly people in nursing home. Psychological, sexual, and financial abuse also take place. The latter is especially common. Although surrounded by other patients and staff, your elderly loved ones are nevertheless isolated in a nursing home. They are not in their own home and are thus subject to the whim of others. This puts them in a situation in which unscrupulous members of staff can pressure them into joining rip-off schemes because they have access to them all the time.

If you have proof that any such abuse is going on, filing suit against the nursing home is the best action to take. You will most likely be able to settle out of court; and although nothing can make up for the mistreatment your loved one has been subjected to, they can be compensated for it.