Top Reasons to Use Divorce Mediation in California

Divorce mediation might be the best avenue if you are looking to dissolve your marriage in an amicable, timely, and cost-effective manner.  It is a growing practice that allows the couple to work with a California divorce mediator to separate the assets and determine custody arrangements without going to trial.  The thinking on mediation is that the couple knows each other and the best way to split up the assets and handle child custody in many cases.  If they can put aside the differences that led to the divorce, then they have the opportunity to work with an experienced mediator to divide everything and dissolve the marriage as quickly as possible.

Spare Your Emotions

The divorce process can be emotionally draining.  It is generally the result of sustained disagreements that are suddenly all supposed to be sorted out at once.  When considering a divorce, it can be tempting to dig in against your spouse and fight for every inch.  Most people fail to realize the emotional toll this will take on them and their children before going in that direction.  The act of agreeing to divorce mediation with your spouse can go a long ways towards easing the tensions and focusing on the path to a resolution.

Mediation Usually Takes Less Time and Costs Less

Divorce mediation in California will generally take less time, and therefore cost less money, than going to trial to settle your divorce.   Even in those cases that reach a settlement with their respective attorneys, the mediation process usually takes less time.  It is a process that is designed to give a voice to both parties and allow an impartial third party to offer a fair solution.

Maintain an Amicable Relationship

Most people do not wish to end all communication with the spouse after a divorce.  They just want a fair resolution and an opportunity to move on with their life, especially when children are involved.  Divorce mediation can make it much easier to maintain a good relationship with your former spouse after the process is complete.  You will be working together to resolve the marriage and divide up the assets.  You will often find that can start some of the emotional repair necessary to have a friendly working relationship and can make it much easier for both of you to move on.

Mediators Want a Fair Resolution

As explained on the California Courts website, divorce mediation in California is only binding if both parties find the final settlement acceptable.  The mediation process is an opportunity to sort out as many issues as possible without being required to act on any of them.  It is not uncommon for couples to use the process to divide most of their assets in mediation, but use a judge to decide the final child custody arrangement.  This progress towards a resolution is one of the main reasons that mediation is so beneficial for anyone that is going through a divorce.

Find the Best Attorney for Divorce Mediation in California

It is important to find an experienced and knowledgeable attorney for your divorce mediation in California that can guide you through the entire process.  You want to find an attorney that is well versed in California family and divorce law so they are best suited to find a fair and equitable resolution to your marriage.  They should be able to help you define exactly what is being disputed, give each party an opportunity to express priorities and concerns, what the law dictates, keep the process moving forward towards a final agreement.  Taking the time to explore this option may save you and your spouse lots of time, energy, and money on a divorce.