Labor Law

Is Your Career on the Line After a Workplace Accident?

It is something countless employees nationwide fear. No, it isn’t always making enough money. That said plenty of workers will tell you they do not make sustainable wages. For some, it isn’t even the fear of a layoff or firing, though many employees deal with that on a monthly basis. No, the one thing that […]

Real Estate Law

Why You Should Use a Real Estate Attorney when Purchasing a New Construction

The problems connected with previously owned homes are clear. From title issues to concerns about hidden problems with the property that put your family’s safety at risk, you can clearly see why you need legal advice when buying a prior owned home. But what about a new construction? Does a newly built home for which […]


The Challenges in Proving Medical Malpractice

In the $3 trillion US medical industry, medical practitioners make more mistakes than anyone related to the medical profession would like to admit. Some of these mistakes are made because the difficult and complex jobs that medical professionals have, some are due to the often overbearing workloads that they take on which often keeps them […]


Are Most Motorcycle Accidents Avoidable?

Motorcycles are inherently vulnerable in an accident because the driver is directly exposed to other vehicles and the pavement. Because of this, motorcyclists need to take extra safety precautions including wearing a helmet and protective clothing when they ride. But even with these key things in place a motorcyclist can find himself laying on the […]


What Are The Consequences Of Not Writing A Will

It might come as a surprise to you that many people neglect to make a will before they die. Some people die at a young age before they have thought about making one. Not making a will can have potentially serious consequences for your loved ones after you have passed away. What are the consequences […]


Bail Bondsman Career Options- Things That You Need To Know

Not many people choose the career of a bail bondsman as a glamorous option, but for the right person, this career option can be really lucrative and fulfilling. The bail bondsmen play an important role in the entire criminal justice system where they don’t only help the law enforcement system, but also assist the criminals […]



Rollovers of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have been reduced in recent years, but they are still too common and are still listed as the second-most fatal car incident on the road, right behind head-on collisions.  The numbers are sobering – since 2010, rollovers have accounted for at least one-third of all fatal crashes on the […]


6 Common Reasons Why You Need an Employment Lawyer at Workplace

There are a lot of issues that come up when you are employed. Handling them on your own is a recipe for disasters. You may end up losing your job, suffering reputation damage or paying heavy penalties. An employment lawyer can intervene in such scenarios to ensure your interests are protected. Here are the most […]


What to do when you are accused of a crime

One of the most serious kind of trouble that you can get yourself into, is the legal trouble. There are so many things that can go wrong if you are accused of a serious crime like a murder or battery and assault Etc. most of the times people also get arrested if they are protesting […]


Public Sector IR35 Changes Comes into Effect April 2017

The news that the Public Sector IR35 changes are going to spring into action from April 2017 onwards has certainly caused quite a stir. So, what is this all about and how are the changes going to affect the working class people? Well, to understand this it is important to understand what IR35 is first. […]